10 Steps to a Flawless Cashless Delivery

  1. Assign Internal Responsibility

A project manager or team in the event organization dedicated to the cashless implementation who can interface with production, procurement, marketing, sponsorship, finance, IT, ticketing and bar operations 

  1. Choose Your Supplier

Invite a selection of providers to tender and see them in action servicing other events 

  1. Define the Shape and Scope of the Deployment

Considerations to include: wristband fulfilment process, name of currency, incentives for pre-loading, visitor groups and working staff to include, online self-service vs staffed on-site top-ups, maximum top-up limits, customer refund policy and catering allowances for crew 

  1. Manage the Transition for Traders

Formulate a post-event settlement strategy and payment terms for traders (eg. incorporating a commission on their takings) 

  1. Plan your Customer Communication Strategy

Announcements (web, social, email); FAQ’s; Terms & Conditions; Printed Ticket Leaflets; Posters & Advertising 

  1. Launch Online Customer Registration and Pre-Loading

Integrate your cashless supplier with your various ticketing providers 

  1. Build Cashless into your Event Production

Allocate the required infrastructure (eg. top-up booths, power, network, workspace); Add to on-site signage and festival map; Brief all staff & contractors; Integrate your cashless supplier with your bar operator; Make design artwork for the wristbands and scanning hardware 

  1. Post-Event: Issue Settlements

Pay traders their balances and refund customers for their un-spent funds 

  1. Post-Event: Debrief & Evaluate

Get feedback from internal event staff and external (audience, suppliers, partners, traders) 

  1. Post-Event: Data Analysis

Identify consumption trends, for example which drinks are more popular when particular acts are on-stage, and identify the busiest periods and locations; Gain a granular profiling of your audience’s tastes and consumer behavior